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Welcome everyone! Glad you came to visit bookmakingbasics.com¬†where we review and recommend some of the very best books ever written on some of the most popular subjects. We believe readers are leaders and that some of the highest quality of learning happens when you simply pick up a book and read it from the front to the back in your spare time. Your brain’s cognitive power is greatly increased by the act of reading.

Studies have shown that improved focus, higher levels of abstract thinking, and increased IQ can all be attributed to a lifestyle that includes a consistent amount of reading. Books, newspapers, interesting short stories and informative articles, you name it, if it’s downloading new information into your mind, whether consciously or subconsciously, you can be sure that it is strengthening the faculties of your mind.

But reading is only one side of the coin. Writing also, is known to greatly increase mental capabilities. That is why almost every prolific author, is also famous for and/or successful in some other aspect of his or her life. We could go down a long list of reputable authors ranging from self development gurus, to financial think tanks, but to keep this article short and sweet we’ll just assume that you already know a good amount of the well known, best selling books and authors. If you’re here reading this right now, then you’re most likely a veracious reader with a large arsenal of good books.

So you can tell by now we love good books and we think very highly of them. Some of our favorite subjects to review and read up on are finance, inspirational life stories, self development, health and wellness, history and religion. Some of the great authors we think deserve a mention are Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robins, Og mandino, Dale Carnegie, Grant Cardone, Napolean Hill, and Stephen King. Although our list of favorites could go on, those are some of our current top picks. Not because of how popular they are, or how many best selling books they’ve cranked out, but because of the passion and great content they put out in the pieces they did write.

So if you’re into finance, self development, health, history or religion. You will love the recommendations you will see on this site. We will be adding many more in the days to come and are open to any suggestions you may have for us to review. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions feel free to leave us a message. You can reach us at our contact page, or leave a comment below and let us know how much you love books!

Visit us often for more content and have a wonderful, blessed read.