How to Win Friends and Influence People (Dale Carnegie)

In his book How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie explores what he claims are the best techniques to making new friends and meeting new people. Remembering people’s names, letting the other person do the majority of the talking, and speaking in terms of a person’s interests are the keys to basically making a friend out of anyone you meet.
In the first chapter, the author gives a few brief references to mobsters but is also quick to point out that when one deals with other people, one is not simply dealing with logical thinking individuals but those that are emotional beings; who are all motivated by both pride and vanity. Through a multitude of examples, Carnegie reveals to his readers how to treat others with respect and dignity while at the same time relating to them as people. My friend John who owns a carpet cleaning company knows this to be very true, when dealing with customers.
This book is not to be confused with books containing relationship advice concerning love interests or potential romantic relationships. Carnegie intended his written advice to be used more so for the business world than anything else. Attempting to apply his techniques to a potential new love interest would more than likely only end with disastrous results.
However, many of his techniques can apply to most social situations. Though the times have changed since this book was written, people have not changed and the expectations that people hold when encountering new individuals in a business environment has remained the same throughout the decades. Having good manners is important, as is remembering a person’s name make conversation easier, especially if you aren’t too sure what to say.
Far too many social skills have become lost in the frequent use of everyday technology. Cell phones, social media, and TV have replaced time once spent with friends and co-workers in person. Carnegie’s book helps teach readers that it doesn’t take too much work nor skill to interact smoothly with others. All it really requires is the use of confidence and some simple knowledge on how people think and how you can best relate to them to gain their respect.
Carnegie also warns that being overly critical of someone is far more detrimental to their overall well-being. Too much criticism inhibits learning and destroys self-confidence. He goes on to point out that we must remember as humans are emotional beings and thrive on positive reinforcement. Part of this mentality is the belief that no one should speak ill of another person. Not only is it in poor taste but what goes around comes around and before you know it, other people may speak ill of you as well.
Author Dale Carnegie breaks down his advice in several different sections, each containing chapters. Using sound advice with age-old wisdom, you too can master the art of making new friends in the business world. All you have to do is implement some or all (it’s your choice) of these techniques. Bring them into your life and soon you will feel more like a success than you will have ever felt in your life.

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