Think and Grow Rich (Napolean Hill)

When people see the word “rich,” they assume it means “wealth with money.” There is more to it than that. Despite the name of the title, you can’t just think about getting rich. You have to take action. By taking action, that’s when things happen. People that only daydream of things of getting rich will never get rich. That’s why there is a small percentage of people that are financially rich compare to most people that are struggling financially.
Think about this for a moment. When Napoleon Hill wrote this during his time, he definitely knew what he was talking about because he actually interviewed many of the wealthy folks that gave him tips and ideas on how they got rich. You have to know how to do things while also using networking to your advantage. One of the most important thing that you need to know is to use the skills that you’re meant to use to help you make some money in your life. Money doesn’t mean everything. It’s just a means to help you to survive no matter where you are.
People that use what they know how to do usually tend to stay happy because they’re doing something that they love. A career is an even better option than just having a job. The book does offer ways to get a job even though it’s not updated to include social media and any other means that we use nowadays to get a job or a career. Even though it’s missing that part, the way of how to do things definitely help for many people that succeed in life. No matter how old you are, there are ways to get around on getting what you want without taking advantage of people in the wrong way. That’s why networking with people is also important as well. I learned how important networking is when i was selling legal services not long ago. You never know who can help you with your search even if it’s not for job or career related issues.
It is a book that I highly recommend for everyone to read because it offers many ideas and tips that are useful even to this day. It should be a classroom textbook for students to read while they’re still young such as during in middle school. All of the chapters are well organized, attractive and are filled with facts that are useful no matter what year we’re in. Because of all of these things, that’s why Think and Grow Rich is a classic in and of itself. It should be read more than once just for the information to sink in to the readers. Another tip is to highlight the most important parts that matter and be remembered after reading it.
You can find this book online and even in your local bookstore. It comes in an ebook and either hard copy or paperback editions. When you needed some inspiration, Think and Grow Rich should be included as one of the books to have in your life. You’ll find this book valuable just as much as I do. It’s definitely one of my favorite books of all time

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