The Best of Me (Nicholas Sparks)


It is with a heavy heart that I give Nicholas Sparks book “The Best of Me” my first ever bad review for him. The preamble opens with and gives promises of young love, and high school sweethearts. It then takes us to a funeral, years later, where they meet again and rekindle their love.
It turns out that their love never really died. They instantly have chemistry again. Dawson Cole, was a troubled boy and she was a beautiful well protected girl. They then fall in love and the story starts to unravel for me there.
In the beginning of the novel there is this ghost that keeps showing up at very important times in Dawson’s life. The fact that Nicholas tried to add a metaphorical character took away all seriousness of the novel. It made me get distracted instead of pulling me closer into the novel.
I am only saying this because it’s nota Syfy novel, all of Nicholas’s novels are love stories, not science fiction novels. It really surprised me that he took this route. Then there is the issue of the letters that Tuck, the friend whose funeral was the reason for Amanda and Dawson to get back together again.
The ending of the book caused the letters to mean absolutely nothing because of how he chosed to end the novel. I am not sure why he chose to include the letters at all. It seemed like a way to add to the page numbers and nothing else.  I couldn’t find any real reason why he would add that to the story if it didn’t have any other ties to the book.
It seems like Sparks was given a chance to give his novel a wonderful loving ending, but decided to give it a heartbreaking ending. He seems to do this quite often with a lot of his novels. Maybe this is becoming a pattern for what we are going to see from him from now on? We will have to wait to find out for sure.
I am aware that life is not a fairy tale and things do not always work out as they seem. However, things do not tragically happen to the same person over and over and over again. According to Nicholas, it is all the people that he is writing about. Would it kill him to allow us one happy ending.  I can almost predict what happens in his novels from the beginning and we all know that being predictable is not a good thing in the book industry.
If you become predictable people lose interest. It all boils down to the book, “The Best of Me” was a very sad and predictable book. I hope that Sparks learns to mix things up in the future. Otherwise you can count me off as one of his fans.

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